19.01.2020 Flyer über Rechte bei der Abnahme von Fingerabdrücken

Right to information for authorities taking fingerprints for EURODAC

As a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRA), Aktion Freiheit statt Angst regularly documents its publications when they concern our issues.

FRA guide on Right to information for authorities taking fingerprints for EURODAC

FRA published a new leaflet: Right to information ― Guide for authorities when taking fingerprints for EURODAC. This short practical guide assists officers and authorities to inform asylum applicants and migrants in an understandable and accessible way about the processing of their fingerprints in Eurodac.
The production of the leaflet is a joint effort by FRA and the Eurodac Supervision Coordination Group, consisting of representative of each Member State's data protection authority supervising the Eurodac Regulation and the European Data Protection Supervisor.

For more information, please see https://fra.europa.eu/en/publication/2020/right-information-authorities-taking-fingerprints-eurodac
and the flyer text "Right to information for authorities taking fingerprints for EURODAC"

Furthermore, we would like to take this occasion to forward you an information from EASO. The European Asylum Support Office is seeking feedback on the content and format of the  EASO Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the EU which presents an overview of developments in legislation, policy and practice related to asylum at the EU and national levels. Your comments help to enhance the user experience and improve the analytical value of the flagship report.

The online evaluation survey comprises questions on the content, structure, format and methodology of the EASO annual report and should take five minutes to complete. Contribution can be submitted by 7 February 2020.

Kind regards,
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Schwarzenbergplatz 11
1040 Vienna, Austria

Read more https://fra.europa.eu/en/publication/2020/right-information-authorities-taking-fingerprints-eurodac
aund the flyer text "Right to information for authorities taking fingerprints for EURODAC"

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Created: 2020-01-19 10:02:32

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