05.08.2013 Mitarbeit in der EU Fundamental Rights Agency

Welcome to the Fundamental Rights Platform

With great pleasure we have read this letter today.

Subject: Welcome to the Fundamental Rights Platform

It is my great pleasure to welcome your organisation to the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) – the main channel for cooperation and information exchange between the European Union Agency for
Fundamental Rights and civil society.
The Fundamental Rights Agency recognises and values the important role that civil society organisations are playing across the EU.

Your extensive knowledge and experience, drawn from your direct contact with people who need human rights protection the most, is of great value to our work. Joining the FRP allows civil society organisations to have a say on the Agency’s activities and thereby contribute to fundamental rights policies at the EU level.

Thank you for your interest in joining the FRP. We look forward to what will be undoubtedly a fruitful and rewarding partnership.

Yours sincerely,
Morten Kjaerum
Director, FRA

Website of FRA http://fra.europa.eu

Informations about FRP http://fra.europa.eu/fraWebsite/networks/frp/frp_en.htm

Category[8]: Über uns Short-Link to this page: a-fsa.de/e/27v
Link to this page: https://www.aktion-freiheitstattangst.org/de/articles/3784-20130805-mitarbeit-in-der-eu-fundamental-rights-agency.htm
Link with Tor: http://a6pdp5vmmw4zm5tifrc3qo2pyz7mvnk4zzimpesnckvzinubzmioddad.onion/de/articles/3784-20130805-mitarbeit-in-der-eu-fundamental-rights-agency.htm
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Created: 2013-08-06 08:33:06

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