17.12.2016 Flüchtlinge getötet - Sicherheitskräfte schauen zu


Total abandonment, isolation and disrespect of refugees' lives

Here we document the press release of Refugees Emancipation e.V. about what happened yesterday in Eisenhüttenstadt:

Press Release

On Saturday, December 10th, there was a violent altercation between
refugees of Tschad and Chechenian origin in the reception centre of
Eisenhüttenstadt. As a result of the conflict, a Tschad refugee died on
the spot and two Chechenian refugees died in a hospital at
Frankfurt/Oder. The security guards who had been called to de-escalate
the situation, did not intervene to prevent the deathly violence.
Refugees took videos and pictures but all of it was deleted by the
police. All African refugees were removed from the camp and taken to
Frankfurt/Oder and Wünsdorf-Waldstadt.

This is one of the many cases where the racist system comes in the shape
of policing routines, the actions of security personnel and policies of
the heim officials.

“You have a political system that identifies some refugees as "good" -
for the economy, for civil society etc. and who are considered as
Only these people get a Bleiberechtsperspektive. The "bad"  refugees are
considered as being useless and are treated with less respect. This
hierarchisation of refugees shines through the actions of  the heim
administration and the securities. We know that inside of the heims
“good” refugees are given more rights in daily routines like getting
keys to the toilets, being assisted in the Ausländerbehörde, Sozialamt
etc. and access to communication like German classes and  translation.
These biased actions of the heim administration creates two  things:
frustration on the side of the refugees who are treated as  inferior,
and superiority feelings on the side of the refugees who  receive
preferential treatment. This tense atmosphere is very likely to  result
in physical conflicts where the police is being called. When the  police
comes, what happens is that they ask the
security personnel about  the events and they answer according to the
system of hierarchisation. It is a vicious circle“, Chu Eben of Refugees
Emancipation explains.

It is not a surprise that the violence of the racist system erupted in the
atmosphere of a reception centre like Eisenhüttenstadt and it is not  the
first time either. In contrast to the so-called transitional  centres, in a
reception centre, everyone has to stay in a situation of  artificial
shortage of resources and deprivation of access to civil  society. "It is a
situation in which, together with the biased treatment  of the Heimleitung
and the security personnel, people can become weak",  Chu Eben says.
"People do not know how to deal with the pressure of the system, so they
turn it against each other. But we must not be divided but overcome a
racist system that kills and devides."

This situation is unacceptable in a civilised world  which respects
fundamental human rights. We call upon the political and administrative
authorities in Brandenburg and Germany as a whole  to take immediate
measures to end the abandonment, isolation and disrespect of refugees'
lives. We also call upon the civil society as a whole  to join us in the
coming year to take to the streets to denounce and make the public to be
more conscious of these kinds of senseless destruction of human lives in
our backyard--- REFUGEE LIVES MATTER

Refugees Emancipation e.V, Zum Jagenstein 1, Potsdam

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